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Rene COAL Burrell

Swiss born songwriter Rene COAL Burrell takes his world for a spin, traveling back and forth between America and Switzerland. He has released five highly acclaimed albums, recreating American Roots Music with a freshness that is the unique outcome of the people and the music he has grown to love both at home and abroad.  
Coal is also known for his creation The Song Circus, the first reoccurring event of its kind in Switzerland. It is a culmination of various well-known, as well as up and coming Artists on a touring stage backed by the Coal band, inter playing the input of each artist on each others' work both live and on the collective recording that accompanies the tour.
Currently Coal is working on an exciting collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Sarah Bowman. Their new Duo is called Famous October: Two songwriters and two singers, combining classic and new sounds with haunting harmony, cello and guitar.
Coal is one to watch with his ambitious undertakings and growing successes, he is an aspiring young artist.

The Coal Band