1. Episode 1

MC2 Podcast for Peace - A Musical Companion hosted by Sarah Bowman

The musical companion for peace festival was professionally recorded by SoundFarm studios here in Switzerland. We are overjoyed to invite our global audience to listen to the MC2 festival episodes containing LIVE audio from the concerts, as well as behind the scenes stories and interviews with the artists.

The festival featured a series of benefit concerts for refugees of war. Please use our donate links below to support organizations of humanitarian assistance.

Episode 1 features music by Sarah Bowman (US) Roksana Smirnov (UA) and Linus Bircher (CH.) The MC2 band is Mathias Kunzli and drums, Jonas Kunzli on bass, Christian Winiker on electric guitar, Dario Zanin on bass, Roksana Smirnova on keys, Misha Kalinin on guitar, and Rene Coal Burrell on guitar and Omnicord. The audio is mixed by Steffen Peters and Sarah Bowman.

Please enjoy the heart warming experience of MC2, 2022. Donate! We truly appreciate your support.
With heartfelt thanks,
Sarah and Rene from Pillow Song

Click on the links bellow to support organizations who help refugees of war: 
- Medicine Sans Frontières (www.msf.org
- Arts & Culture in Ukraine (www.mkip.gov.ua
- Bistro Interculturel Stans (www.bistro-interculturel.ch)