Next Pillow Song Podcast

On June 17, 2020 we will have our next Live Audio-Podcast.

Tune in at 20h (Swiss Time) / 2 pm (EST) on and chat with us or listen to the podcast here on this page.

Talkin' B-Sides Festival 2020

hosted by Famous October

featuring: Bandit Voyage  –  Bleu Roi  –  Lakiko  –  Lisa Morgenstern  –  Gina Été   –  Louis Jucker

Guest Speakers: Jennifer Jans  –  Lisa Morgenstern  –  Marcel Bieri

Portraits: A Tribute to The Indigo Girls

Hosted by The Bowmans

Featuring: Brandy Butler  –  Raina Rose  –  Christian Winiker & Antonia Gasser  –  Lindsay Ferguson  –  Manuel Isenegger, Luciano Amacher & Alex Karl  –  Viola Langhagen  –  Johanna Rönicke  –  Ajna Austin, Laura Woody & Aaron Howard  –  Michi & Rene

Guest Speaker: Aaron Butler  –  Allison Miller

Pillow Song Open Mic

Hosted by Michael Leuthold & Rene Burrell

Featuring:  Martina Linn  –  Ajay Mathur  –  Lakiko  –  Stay Illusion  –  The Wreckids  –  Weaving Willow  –  Timothy Jaromir

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