Pillow Song fosters positive social change through music.  

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”
-Archbishop Desmond Tutu 

Pillow Song is a music organization with a concert philosophy. We provide a creative home for wholehearted and meaningful connection. We are not a concert venue. Instead, we generate non judgemental, non competitive, and diverse experiences in a small way to inspire great change. 

MC2 Festival for peace

MC2 is the second annual Musical Companion festival created by Sarah Bowman. The Musical Companion for Peace Festival unfolds like a soundtrack to the important work we can do as individuals to build even more compassion, strength, and community in times of adversity. 

Singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists join together for three nights of meaningful togetherness through music. The programming was inspired by intimate interviews of the artists that were conducted in early 2022. A distinct role for our music emerged as we wrote, discussed, and selected songs for this unique path toward peacemaking in these times. Each night will portray a vital aspect of the human experience: Healing, Belonging, and Fearlessness. 

The festival is hosted by Sarah Bowman and features guest artists Dominique Grütter (Bougainville), «Michi, Mala & Jasmin», Pink Pedrazzi, «Roksana Smirnova & Misha Kalinin Duo (Ukraine), Rene Burrell, Christian Winiker, Mathias Künzli, Jonas Künzli, Dana Iova-Koga, Linus Bircher, Aaron Ullrich, Dario Zanin, Florian Limacher, Manuel Isenegger & Antonia Gasser.

All proceeds go to organizations who help refugees of war: 
- Medicine Sans Frontières (www.msf.org) 
- Arts & Culture in Ukraine (www.mkip.gov.ua) 
- Bistro Interculturel (www.bistro-interculturel.ch) 

18:30 - Doors & Food by Pastarazzi
20:00 - Concert 
Venue: Chäslager Stans www.chaeslager.ch


Pillow Song Podcasts

A Christmas Concert

Hosted by Famous October
with Special Guests Philipp Fankhauser, Heidi Happy,
Hendrix Ackle & Marco Jencarelli



Portraits: A Townes van Zandt Tribute

Portraits: A Tribute to Tracy Chapman

Hosted by Sarah Bowman & Christian Winiker
Featuring: Ishantu –  Shirley Grimes  –  Trummer  –  Amber Rubarth  –  Lilo  –  Célia von Matt  –  Pink Spider  –  Veronika Stalder  –  The Bowmans  –  Mathias Jurt  –  Aaron Ullrich  –  Mala Gassman  –  Michi & Rene

Pillow Song Open Mic

Hosted by Michael Leuthold & Rene Burrell
Featuring:  Martina Linn  –  Ajay Mathur  –  Lakiko  –  Stay Illusion  –  The Wreckids  –  Weaving Willow  –  Timothy Jaromir


An Evening with Reto Burrell & Wendy McNeill

Hosted by Famous October
Featuring: Reto Burrell & Wendy McNeill 


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